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VHS Receives Art Donation Painted by Beloved VCS Teacher

McLane Funeral Home donated painted divider panels that were painted by Patsy Smith in 2000. The artwork has been displayed in the Veteran’s room at McLane Funeral Home since it was originally donated. The patriotic painting will find its new home in the new Valdosta High School in the media center when the school opens next fall.
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Hurricane Irma Info

UPDATE: 5:00 PM on 09/09/17

Valdosta City Schools will be closed on Monday, September 11 and Tuesday, September 12. District officials have remained in constant communication with our local emergency management organizations. Following this afternoon's press conference outlining the storm's path and damage potential, we want to encourage everyone to follow EMA Lowndes on Facebook for information on Hurricane Irma. We will do our best to update our VCS family following the storm. Please stay safe.
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J.L. Lomax is Sailing to Success for 2017-18

J.L. Lomax teachers, faculty, staff, and students are “Sailing to Success” this school year! This year J.L. Lomax will continue to strive towards becoming a 90/90/90 school, where at least 90% of our students are meeting state academic standards.
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