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The Director of Finance oversees all aspects of Valdosta City Schools' budgeting, intake of revenues, and expenditures.  The preparation of the official budget requires input from all levels of the school system as an organization, and it is developed to meet and support the school district’s newly updated vision, mission, and strategic goals.  It is a priority of Valdosta City Schools and the Valdosta Board of Education to be excellent stewards of the local tax payers  money through the most efficient and effective use of available resources.

All previous budgets for Valdosta City Schools can be viewed by clicking this link, then select School District: Valdosta City and for report type, choose Budget Report.

The selections on the right reflect additional departments within Valdosta City Schools' Finance Department.

To view the most recent Valdosta City Schools budget(s), download file:

Audit Reports
One Time 3% Salary Increase

The Valdosta City Board of Education has approved a 3%, one-time salary increase for all employees, for the 2016-2017 school year.  The Governor of Georgia stated he was giving teachers a 3% raise, but did not provide the funds to support the mandate.  The VCS Board of Education chose to provide this increase as appreciation for the work of our employees and will use local funds to ensure that our employees are rewarded.

Bob Jones
Director of Finance
1204 Williams Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
p (229) 671-6043
f (229) 247-7757