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Behavior Intervention

The Behavior Specialist is under direction of the Director and Assistant Director of Special Education and is responsible for the behavioral assessment of students, and generating/implementing behavioral plans to remediate behavioral and/or social problems for students in general or special education programs. Formal behavior intervention plans are developed with teacher input following the completion of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) by the classroom teacher and/or case manager.

The Behavior Specialist is also available for consultation to school personnel and parents of these students. She/he is available to observe students in their classrooms and work with teachers directly in addressing behavioral needs of the students. The Behavior Specialist is available to attend meetings as needed when there is a behavioral need, such as RTI or IEP meetings. Teachers and administrators are encouraged to invite the Behavior Specialist to any meeting where there is a behavioral concern.

What is the role of the Behavior Specialist?

  • to facilitate, assess, and support instructional programs for students in general and special education
  • to provide training and work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, aides, and support staffs to demonstrate best practices, strategies and techniques to enhance instruction for students with social, communication, behavioral and learning challenges
  • to provide preventative classroom lessons/strategies which include but are not limited to bullying prevention, problem solving, self-esteem, developing social skills, etc.
  • to provide training in non-violent crisis intervention
  • to provide other related work as required.

The Behavior Specialist will work with individuals, parents or small groups.

Who can I contact?

Cheryl Rice (PreK-12)
Behavioral Intervention Specialists
(229) 333-8505

Ashley Berry (PreK-12)
Behavioral Intervention Specialists
(229) 333-8505