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Sallas Mahone Raises Money for Ovarian Cancer Research

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines family as a group of people united by certain convictions or common affiliation. Sallas Mahone Elementary is the epitome of a family. When 5th grade teacher  Mr. Bill Embry's wife passed away in April of 2018 from ovarian cancer, the staff of Sallas Mahone supported, prayed for, and encouraged Mr. Embry like none other. In August of 2019 the staff was offered the opportunity to purchase t-shirts in memory of Mr. Embry's wife and were able to donate money in order to wear jeans  with these t shirts once a week for the month of September. Mr. Bill Embry invited his late wife's oncologist, Dr.Robertson, from the Mayo Clinic to educate the female staff members about this widespread disease. During Dr. Roberton's visit, Mr. Embry enthusiastically handed Dr. Robertson a check of two thousand dollars towards research at the Mayo Clinic.