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Newbern Middle School 8th Grade Prepares for College and Career Readiness

Newbern Middle eighth grade students have been engaged in activities and assignments associated with Collection 6 Theme: The value of work. Mrs. Steward and Mrs. Walker worked extremely hard to provide real-world connections, energetic standards-based lessons, and collaborative group work, in order to maintain student engagement. To prepare their students for college and career readiness, they took the lessons a step further, to allow for a true, real-world experience.

To accompany their course work, and after reading the argument, "Teens Need Jobs, Not Just Money", by Anne Michaud, the students were challenged with the task of selecting a job from the class-made job board and completing an application for the job.  Once applications were completed and graded with teacher feedback, students revised applications, using the teacher's recommendations, then began preparing for mock interviews. Industry leaders and community stakeholders were invited to conduct the mock interviews at Newbern Middle.