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Bring your Parent to P.E. Week!

What was your favorite activity in school? Do you remember? If you ask many of the students at J.L. Lomax Elementary, they would tell you that their favorite school activity is Physical Education (P.E.). In September, J.L. Lomax parents were lucky enough to get a chance to experience the P.E. class for themselves.

The week of September 23rd -27th was “Take Your Parent to P.E. Week.” During this week parents got the opportunity to meet the P.E. teacher, Michelle Stokes. The parents learned about the physical education program and were encouraged to help their children engage in physical activity outside of school, at home and in their community.

Physical activity helps students feel better, and teaches them to learn to work together AS A TEAM. It also reduces anxiety and assist students with focusing in the classroom. According to, “P.E. plays a vital role in the overall development of your kids and inspires lifelong healthy habits.”