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J.L. Lomax Students Join the Junior Fire Marshal Program to Further Fire Safety Skills

Every child should know basic fire safety skills, so they are prepared in case of a fire emergency. To go beyond only the basic skills, many scholars at J.L. Lomax Elementary have joined the Junior Fire Marshal program. This program is designed to teach children further fire safety skills, personal responsibility, accountability for behavior, citizenship, and good leadership skills.

The J.L. Lomax Junior Fire Marshals consist of at least one student from each 3rd through 5th grade homeroom. The children focus on giving back to the community along with educating other students and family members about fire safety.

The induction program was held in late October in the J.L. Lomax Media Center. Over thirty, Junior Fire Marshals were sworn into their new roles by Valdosta City Fire Marshal, James Clinkscales and Fire and Safety Educator/Fire Inspector, Tangela Rowe. While the students had fun, they also students pledged an oath of fire safety.

According to the Valdosta City Fire Prevention website. The Junior Fire Marshal Program teaches local children lifesaving lessons, such as Stop, Drop, and Roll; Crawl Low Under Smoke; and Draw a Home Fire Escape plan. In schools the Junior Fire Marshalls are encouraged to pass this information along to their teachers and peers.