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Artist, Steven Walker visits Valdosta High School

Steven Walker has been included in several local and national juried competitions where he has won awards of excellence and honorable mention. He also was a part of a statewide traveling exhibition with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  His work is currently being represented in Kentucky, Washington State, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma and Washington, D.C.

Mr. Walker visited Jo-Ann Adams and Elisha Craig's beginner's art classes to speak with students about art and how it made an impact on his life. Students had many questions for him asking if they could one day get famous for doing creating anime' or manga style work. He responded by saying that there is a demand for all types of styles and that all you need is a passion for what you do and the willingness to work hard to find an audience for it.

There are so many talented students at Valdosta High School, but so few enter the art world professionally. Mr. Walker said that there is a misconception that you have to be dead to be famous or you will be a starving artist if you go into that field, but he was living proof that neither is true.

Meeting a real-life famous artist and seeing his work in person made a huge impact on these young artists. Ms. Adams said she feels that it has opened their eyes to other possible scenarios for their future and that people of all cultures can find an art career reachable and lucrative.