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Updated Bazemore-Hyder Game Day Procedures

All elementary and middle school students must adhere to the following game day procedures while attending Valdosta Wildcats Football games at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium:
  1. Every ticket purchased has a section, row and seat number listed. Students must sit in the seat according to that section, row and seat number on their ticket. 
  2. Elementary and middle school students should be accompanied by an adult when leaving their seat.  There is to be no unsupervised standing around near the restrooms and/or concession stands.  Please make your way to either of those areas as needed and then back to your seat as listed on your ticket stub.
  3. Everyone must follow all stadium rules and remain seated in the stands, for anyone not following the rules, parents may be called and/or the student could be subject to removal from the stadium.
As we continue to work our way through the pandemic, we also want to remind fans of our continued CDC/COVID and GHSA guidelines that will be followed for the safety of all student athletes, coaches and fans:
  1. All fans must wear a face covering while inside our stadium.
  2. Only essential personnel will be allowed on the sidelines.  There are no exceptions to this rule. 
  3. NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON ThE FIELD BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER THE GAME unless they have the proper sideline credentials given by the VCS athletics director.
  4. Media will have a designated area inside the stadium.
  5. Bands and cheerleaders will participate at the discretion of their band director and/or head cheer coach. 
  6. Teams will not shake hands at the conclusion of the game. Teams will walk closely to midfield and wave as a form of sportsmanship. This includes the coaching staff.
  7. Head coaches should exit the field after the midfield end-of-game wave. They are asked to give their post-game speeches inside their respective locker rooms.
  8. Players will be barricaded from spectators as they exit the stadium to board their buses. 
We appreciate your support of these updated procedures. Loitering will not be tolerated by fans of any age while in attendance.  We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe experience each time they visit the historic Bazemore-Hyder Stadium.