Valdosta City School District

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NMS Students Study Holocaust

Dr. Johnson explained that students were engaged in creative activities in order to immerse them in the study of the Holocaust and explain the impact of World War II as it relates to the Holocaust.  One activity included creating “Trees of Sorrows,” which represented the roots of Jews that continue to be solid despite their suffering. Tears around the trees represent grief, and the hearts represent mourning. Students also created butterflies to represent the souls of the victims. 
Ms. Aimee Stone, Newbern’s art teacher, assisted the teachers and students with creating the beautiful artwork. Lastly, students assumed the role of a Holocaust survivor, and they wrote stories as that survivor.  Mrs. Jessica Barnes tea stained the paper and burned the edges to help create a more authentic looking piece of writing from that time period.  Their culminating activity included having a meal together and watching a documentary titled “Paper Clips.”
The documentary describes how the students of the Whitwell, Tennessee middle school tried to collect six million paper clips to represent the six million Jews killed by the Nazis.  Dr. Johnson, Mrs. Barnes, and Ms. Stone did a fantastic job of helping to bring meaning to this piece of history for their students.
First photo:  Students’ writings as Holocaust survivors
Second Photo:  Butterflies represent the souls of the victims
Third Photo:  Tree of Sorrows
Fourth Photo:  Back row: Aimee Stone, Dr. Fletcher Johnson, Jessica Barnes, Front row: DeAngelo Davis, Tiana Howard, Samaria Floyd
Fifth Photo:  Trees of Sorrows