Valdosta City School District

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VMS Students Selected in the District 8 Honor and Clinic Band

Twenty three out of 25 auditioning VMS band students were selected to participate in the District 8 Honor Band and Clinic Band! That's a 92% success rate! Seven students were also chosen to represent VMS at the State Level audition in Perry, GA in January!  

Congratulations to the talented students of the VMS band and its leaders.  VMS is proud of you!

The 7 students selected to go on to the final round of all state band auditions are: Cara Sellars, Sophia Noll, Albert Kang, Hailey Williams, Jordan Brown, Nadia Yankovskyy

The honor band students selected are:

Cara Sellars, 1st chair flute;  Sophia Noll, 1st chair oboe; Zoe Martin, 1st chair French horn; Jordan Brown, 1st Chair baritone; Callie Belflower; Phaedra Hicks; Jaida Brown; Albert Kang; Katie Lancaster; Hailey Williams; Braden Howard; Julian Gonzalez; Jay Patel; Kailey Williams


The clinic band students selected are:  Amelia Barnett, 1st chair flute; Nadia Yankovskyy, 1st chair oboe; Ekshya Katawal; Olivia Ellis; Kira Mitchell; Owen Anderson; Mason Thompson; Pooja Patel; Hector Prieto