Valdosta City School District

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Newbern Middle School Spelling Bee Winners

Participants in the Spelling Bee included the following students:  Loretta Boone, Joshua Robinson, Dante Echols, Deion Williams, Lakerria Goolsby, Charlize Pendleton, Chelsea Baker, Makalee Cooper, Ramon Jaime, Tania Thomas, James Koonce, Ashanti Raiford, Jana’e Mickens, Dennis Austin, Jeremiah Thomas, Cierra Williams, Travis Kiser, Siobahan Berrian, and Jacquita Morrison.

This year’s Spelling Bee winners were Cierra Williams, 1st place; Dant’e Echols, 2nd place; and Makalee Cooper, 3rd place. 

Congratulations to all of our students for participating in this year’s competition!

The Spelling Bee caller was Dr. Artrice Haugabrook, assistant principal of Sallas Mahone Elementary.  Judges were Ms. Laura Newbern of Newbern Family Dental Practice; Dr. Alvin Hudson, assistant superintendent of Valdosta City Schools; and Mrs. Dara Holt, PreK-5th curriculum director of Valdosta City Schools.

Awards were presented by Newbern Middle School assistant principals, Mrs. Virginia Crowell and Mrs. Valerie Smith, and academic coach, Mrs. Lisa Daw. Light refreshments were served after the competition.