Valdosta City School District

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S.L. Mason Studies World War II with Special Guests

Mrs. Mary Maynard was a little girl in the Philippines when the Japanese attacked. Her family fled to the jungle to live for more than two years. Finally, her family was rescued by a U.S. Navy submarine. Maynard and her mother spent a week aboard the submarine helping Mr. Arthur Brown wash dishes, enjoying the hot water a soap suds. Mr. Brown and Maynard bonded through this experience, but lost touch for several years. Recently, Mr. Brown grew ill and his family wanted to rush ‘the little girl’ in to see him one last time. Immediately, the two reconnected.

It was through this news broadcast that S.L. Mason fifth graders got involved. They loved the story of how Maynard was rescued and admired Mr. Brown for his service to our country during WWII (a Georgia Standard in which the fifth graders are currently learning). Fifth graders from Ms. Valdez and Ms. Merine’s homeroom began creating poems, cards, and posters to show appreciation for a now ill Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown’s daughter, Mrs. Linda Brown-Young offered to come to the school to pick up the gifts for her father. When she arrived, she had a special treat: Mrs. Mary Maynard. Mrs. Maynard shared her story with the students as did the children of Mr. Arthur Brown. The children gave cards and thank you notes to both Mrs. Maynard and Linda Brown-Young and Arthur Brown. An intimate gap was filled as the youth of today listened intently to the living history in front of them. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Maynard will forever have a special place in the hearts of the children at S.L. Mason.