Valdosta City School District

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VHS Principal Receives Principal’s Award for Speech and Debate

The Principal’s Award recognizes a current member school principal or headmaster that has supported speech and debate and its development at their school.

Under Dr. Richardson's leadership, Valdosta High School re-entered the world of competitive forensics in 2012 after a fifteen year lapse in the program and the school received Charter member status in 2014.   Debate Team members are required to complete 40 hours per year of community service in addition to their competition requirements.  She has also given the Debate Cats opportunities to serve on school and system improvement committees and to appear before the school board, the PTO, and other organizations to present ideas and debate public issues.   

The Georgia Forensic Coaches Association's mission is to promote and develop student's communication and research skills vital for a lifetime of quality participation in a democratic society.  The GFCA promotes the interests of the Georgia Department of Education by assisting in the regulation and improvement of speech and debate practices and by serving as a forum for the activity. Since 2010, the GFCA has led more than 6,000 students in their speech and debate journeys from more than 150 schools. Georgia speech and debate is regularly at the forefront of speech and debate competition at the national level.