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Campiglia Awarded Stamps President's Scholarship to Georgia Tech

The Stamps President’s Scholarship covers his tuition, all mandatory fees, housing, meal plan, books and academic supplies, personal expenses, a laptop, and $15,000 in enrichment funding for pillar-based international expenses, unpaid internships, unpaid research, conferences, etc.  Stamps Scholars were selected from over 400,000 applications, the freshman class is made up of 209 Scholars with diverse academic interests including biomedical engineering, public policy, medicine, music, and education.

Other benefits of the Stamps Scholarship include: participation in a national day of service; access to a growing network of scholars and alumni; and opportunities to attend biennial conventions, where Scholars are able to network with one another and learn from recognized leaders. 

Stamps Scholars are chosen for their strong leadership potential, academic merit, and exceptional character. The Foundation supports promising students who are eager to make their contributions to the world and have the work ethic to make their dreams a reality.

Stamps Scholars are known for their significant contributions to their campuses. “We’ve seen our Stamps Scholars start emergency food banks for lower SES students, serve three times in the past five years as student body president, build hybrid cars, and work with campus administrators to create more student friendly exam schedules,” said Chaffee Viets, Stamps Scholars Program Director at Georgia Tech. “What encourages me is that Stamps Scholars everywhere are impacting their campuses in similar, yet diverse ways.” 

“We’re very excited about this new class of Stamps Scholars,” said Roe Stamps, founder and chairman of the Stamps Foundation. “A hearty congratulations to our partner schools for selecting and attracting such a wonderful group of students.” 

About The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation

In 2006, Penny and Roe Stamps created merit scholarship programs for undergraduates at their alma maters – The University of Michigan and Georgia Tech. Since then, the Stamps Scholars community has grown into a nationwide network of colleges and universities with more than 1300 current and alumni Scholars. Learn more at