Valdosta City School District

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J.L. Lomax Holds Annual AR Pep Rally

These special prizes were purchased by TTL Engineering, Incorporated and Lovell Engineering, in efforts to encourage our students to read for understanding. During this celebration, many students and teachers that dressed as book characters also marched in a parade led by none other than book character Fancy Nancy (also known as Principal Laconya McCrae).


Scholars earn the opportunity to shop in the Accelerated Reader Store by reading AR library books, taking tests, and earning points. The more points that a student earns throughout the year, means the more points that they will have to spend at the AR store in December and May. Students can purchase anything from a small box of chalk for 5 points, a tablet for 75 points, a bicycle for 100 points, or even a Chromebook for 200 points! At J.L. Lomax, our readers truly are leaders!