Valdosta City School District

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Sallas Mahone: "You are amazing!"

Those three words, “You are amazing!” were heard throughout the day by both faculty and students. At the end of the day Principal Glover held a faculty meeting with gold star SME cookies and Mello Yello. The media center was decorated in yellow and faculty members were greeted by academic coaches with a cheery, “You are amazing”!

Even though the yellow attire was only carried out for one day, the culture and climate of the school is portrayed throughout the year. Sallas Mahone earned a 4 star school climate rating based on the perception of the school by students, teachers, and parents, as well as student attendance and discipline. Sallas Mahone’s school climate rating is attributed to positive relationships built among administrators, teachers, parents, students, and stakeholders and the exceptionally low teacher turnover each year.