Valdosta City School District

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Most Valuable Personnel

Twice a month, Cason and his cabinet consisting of assistant superintendents, human resources director and finance director, meet in one of the schools within the district.  He asked each principal to be prepared to honor teachers in their buildings with the MVP awards during the meeting.

"These teachers have no idea the recognition is coming, many of them think we are coming in for classroom observations," said Cason. "They have been pleasantly surprised and honored when they realize we are coming in to tell them 'job well done' in front of their class."

 The February MVP awards were given at J.L. Lomax and S.L. Mason elementary schools. For J.L. Lomax, kindergarten teacher, Judy Laurent; first grade teacher, Charlotte Brown; and third grade teacher, Claire Brink, were all recognized for their outstanding performance. For S.L. Mason, first grade teacher, Joy Francis; fifth grade teacher, Kir Johnson; and gifted teacher, Nicole Anderson, were all recognized for their outstanding performance as well. Congratulations to each of these outstanding MVPs!