Valdosta City School District

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STEM Lab Activities at Newbern Middle

In the STEM Lab, the "Cup Stacking" challenge is a team building activity that is designed to demonstrate the importance of collaboration and communication in order to solve real-life problems with a team or partner. This activity allows scholars to focus on the different ways a team or scientist can communicate ideas while accomplishing a goal, solving problems, or completing a task.
The "Build Your Spoon" challenge is a design activity that requires scholars to utilize the design process, which is utilized by engineers. The scholars were given the challenge of building two spoons that would carry a plastic ping pong ball over a certain distance. The scholars had to brainstorm and sketch their ideas of each spoon, along with recording the time it took for each group member to travel with his or her spoon. This activity also allowed team members to communicate and collaborate using effective team building methods.  
These are just a few of the STEM activities, achievements, and successes that the students have accomplished so far this year.