Valdosta City School District

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J.L. Lomax is Sailing to Success for 2017-18

To ensure that all teachers are equipped with the skills and ideas needed to educate their students so that they achieve those goals, professional learning communities (or PLCs) will be evident amongst the teachers and staff weekly. During these PLCs, teachers will attend after-school trainings to learn about a new educational concept, or to delve further into a topic of which they were already aware.

Along with J.L. Lomax Elementary’s academic goals, the faculty and staff are excited about starting a new program called, “The Voyage: Adventures in Character.” The goal of this character education program is to, “transform students’ perspectives of the decisions they make and the actions they take.” Throughout this school year, students will have daily and weekly opportunities to explore topics such as cooperation, perseverance, courage, honesty, kindness, responsibility, humility and generosity.

By not only concentrating on academics, but also putting some focus on character, J.L. Lomax is helping to grow the whole child; socially, emotionally, and academically. We look forward to a great year of successfully sailing to our 90/90/90 destination!