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J.L. Lomax Junior Fire Marshal Induction

The Fire Marshals will promote fire safety through essays, poems, posters, speeches, and fire drills. They will also promote and participate in Hats for Heroes fundraisers by selling “wear a hat” permission stickers, to raise money so that burn victims may attend summer camp especially for them.

These J. L. Lomax Junior Fire Marshals have also been tasked with reminding their friends, family, and classmates the importance of fire safety during the holidays. Some fire safety tips to remember this time of year include: don’t overload your electrical sockets, check electrical décor for damage to wires, turn of your lights and other electrical décor when unattended, keep your live tree watered and dispose of it soon after the holidays, and make sure your artificial tree is flame resistant.

The J.L. Lomax Junior Fire Marshals are listed as follows: Third graders Jeremiah Yearby, Ke'Marion Gayden, Breyley Frost and Nicholas Donaldson.  Fourth graders Na'Riyana Williams, Alivia Scott, Jadyah Jones, Marcell James.  Fifth graders Jaylen Eady, Aaron Hadley, and Gary Copeland.  Club chairs Jessie LeFiles and Dr. Lauren Whittaker.