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J.L. Lomax Elementary Provides for the Community

In October, Junior Fire Marshals at J.L. Lomax held the first annual Hungry at Home Food Drive. The particular items collected by this drive are used to provide food for students who might not otherwise receive proper nourishment over the weekends when they are not at school. During the two weeks of the drive, students, parents, faculty, and staff collected over 660 items for the drive. These items included individual bags of chips and pretzels, individual cereals, pudding cups, canned meals, applesauce packs, fruit snacks, and many other items. Because of the number of items raised by each grade level, J.L. Lomax placed first in the “Most Food Raised” category for the Valdosta-Lowndes Parks and Recreation stocked food cart race.

Gifted students attending the stocked food cart race, decorated a grocery cart, and then pushed towards the finish line with full determination on winning. For the second year in a row, J.L. Lomax also won the “Fastest Cart” category!

Raising the amount of food that J.L. Lomax did, would not have been possible without the support of their teachers and parents, and without the support of Winn Dixie on Madison Highway. This store let J.L. Lomax borrow 7 grocery carts so that the school could easily collect the food items from the classrooms. Thank you everyone in our community for the dedications and donations towards such a great cause!