Valdosta City School District

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Valdosta Middle School Students Touch the Moon

These samples came from the Apollo lunar landing missions.  Preparing for the rocks has been an interdisciplinary experience.  Students have been studying the moon, art classes have been making projects based on the moon, and the drama department presented “Challenger: To Touch the Face of God” for their one act competition.  Mr. Gene Fandel, assistant principal at VMS, and VSU geology professor, Dr. Mark Groszos, presented the moon rocks to students and answered questions.  Mr. Fandel attended a NASA Certification Workshop in order to bring the samples to VMS.  Moon and Meteorite samples will be shown to students through Wednesday.

Pictured (left to right) are members of the drama one act cast, Jaclyn Taylor, Jamya Smith, Zachary Williams; Gene Fandel; and Mark Groszos.