Valdosta City School District

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J.L. Lomax Elementary Tug-of-War

On a beautiful Winter day, 4th grade science teachers, Gregory Vaughn and Jennifer Donegan took their students outside to learn about balanced and unbalanced forces.

First, the two teachers played tug-of-war against each other. Neither teacher was able to move the other’s flag across the line. This was a demonstration of balanced forces. Next a group of smaller students competed against one teacher alone. Mr. Vaughn lost because the students were able to apply more force, thus demonstrating unbalanced forces.

Finally, the two classes got to compete for what they had been waiting for all along, class versus class tug-of-war! By beating the other team in tug-of-war, Mr. Vaughn’s class demonstrated a stronger force, thus making forces unbalanced again. What a great way to learn about a new science topic! 

Pictured: Mr. Vaughn and his class.