Valdosta City School District

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J.L. Lomax Students Participate in the Stock Market Game

Students that participate in the Stock Market Game with GCEE are given a “hypothetical portfolio of $100,000 that they invest over a 10-week period. The team from each public school district with the highest value at the end of the ten-week trading session wins,” according to the GCEE website.

The GCEE says that the purpose of the Stock Market Game “is designed to give Georgia teachers a tool for showing students how scarcity, trade, opportunity cost, voluntary exchange, price incentive, specialization, productivity, and many other economic concepts play out in financial institutions they hear about in the news almost daily. Unlike real equity markets, the Stock Market Game offers students a safe a pain-fee place to learn that the lessons of market economics can sometimes be costly.”

Even the teacher, Dr. Lauren Whittaker, learned those costly lessons the hard way, finishing up with less than she invested ten weeks later. One team, however, came out on top. Jose Pineda and Ahmad Smith, both fourth graders, ended with a portfolio value of $107,978.71, increasing their portfolio by almost $8,000. Their investments made more money any other students’ in their congressional district, beating forty-six teams in all. These students are one of fourteen elementary teams (one from each congressional district) invited to be recognized at the annual Stock Market Game Luncheon at the state capital in May.