Valdosta City School District

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At J.L. Lomax Everyone Matters

One special group of students, is the group of English Language Learners (ELLs) that attend the school. These students, with families from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and India, all come from homes where a second language is spoken. They have the opportunity to participate in a program at the school called ESOL.

Ms. Barbara Christian is the teacher of J.L. Lomax’s ESOL program. This year, she wanted to do something special for the families, to show them that everyone, no matter where they are from, or what languages they speak, is important.

During their ESOL classes, Ms. Christian had her 3rd through 5th grade ELL students take on a three-week-long project, researching their family’s home country. They looked at maps of their countries on Google Earth, locating familiar landmarks. They developed posters of geography and wildlife located in their home country. In the end, the students also applied technology, developing an iMovie slide show. What made the final projects so amazing was that Ms. Christian invited the students’ families to come and watch their scholars’ presentations while enjoying donuts that were decorated like the countries’ flags. What a deliciously fun way to wrap up all of the students’ hard work!

Pictured: Principal Dr. Laconya McCrae, Assistant Principal Mr. Burgman, 3rd-5th Grade ESOL Students and Parents.