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Valdosta Middle School Teacher Appreciation Essay Contest

The winning student was seventh grader Jakeem Smallwood and the winning teacher was seventh grade math teacher Dr. Thomas. Jakeem received a $50 gift card donated from the PTO and Dr. Thomas received a “ZOOM” teeth whitening valued at $600 from Advanced Dental Care. VMS PTO and Dr. Thomas thanks Advance Dental Care for their generosity.
Jakeem Smallwood's Essay:

The teacher that motivated me and inspired me to take my education to a new level is Dr. Thomas. She is such an inspiration to me and all my fellow students. I appreciate her and how hard she has worked to better our education. Dr. Thomas is the most inspiring, encouraging, positive teacher I have had. 

I thank you for being there and staying by my side. Dr. Thomas doesn’t “give up”. She doesn’t believe in that, no matter how bad the behavior can get. She makes me feel like the most intelligent person on earth or is she likes to call “The Worlds Greatest”. I remember one time I got out of control and she put me in a corner and that’s when I found out that I work better by myself. She is so unbelievable and phenomenal, that I feel so bad for all the behavior problems I have caused in the past. 

Dr. Thomas is the spark that lit my education. A lot of people don’t say this, but I love and appreciate my teacher. I appreciate everything she has done for us. We went from learning with rulers, to playing with cards, to learning integers. Team five is really blessed to have a teacher like her. Dr. Thomas really makes sure that we respect ourselves and others, give our best in all that we do, so that we will be college and career ready. We will pursue our educational strength in heart, body and mind.