Valdosta City School District

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J.L. Lomax Visits Georgia Olive Farm

Third, fourth, and fifth grade Gifted students at Lomax are participating in a multi-disciplinary educational unit that covers personal finance. During this unit, imaginary identities choose jobs from classifieds, buy houses from ads, and even are susceptible to “fates” of good and bad luck that involve extra expenses or income. Because of the overall monetary and mathematical relationship of this unit, the teacher, set up a field trip to the Georgia Olive Farms in Lakeland Georgia, where students could learn about agricultural job opportunities that come from growing one type of produce.

Georgia Olive Farms, in Lakeland, Georgia, started in 2009 and produced their first crop of olives in 2011. They are a member of the Georgia Olive Growers Association, whose goal is “to promote, encourage, and educate others about the growing of olive trees in the State of Georgia.”

Before traveling to the olive farm, a parent sent in samples of four different types of olives including: garlic stuffed green olives, feta stuffed green olives, pimento stuffed Spanish olives, and Kalamata olives. The majority of the students in the classroom were not thrilled with taste of the treats, but they did enjoy reading the interesting facts on their colorable olive print-outs.

Overall, the olive experience was interesting and fascinating. If you did not know there was an olive farm in Lakeland, Georgia before now. You should check it out!