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The Great Pumpkin at J.L. Lomax

The first step of their investigation involved students making observations and guesstimates about the pumpkin’s weight, circumference, height, length, lines, etc. Next, students watched as Mrs. Arnold sliced open the pumpkin to reveal the insides of the orange sphere. Many students had not ever seen the insides of a real pumpkin, so they were amazed and grossed out at the same time to discover the slimy innards. After opening the pumpkin and discovering the contents, students took another guess to determine how many seeds were inside the pumpkin. They made a tens graph where they counted the seeds individually, and then by tens.  Not only did students learn different mathematics, they also learned English Language Arts skills by exploring vocabulary, and using adjectives as describing words. By applying real-world concepts (the pumpkin), the teachers were able to introduce students to new skills and concepts while also engaging them in their own learning.