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J.L. Lomax Lunches at Cici's Pizza

Each class received a tour of the back of the famous pizza facility where the pizza making and baking magic happens. The students learned that pizza is made from water, yeast, oil, and flour. It is then mixed in a gigantic mixer for nine minutes and thirty seconds, and when removed, it is cut up into weight specific amounts. These amounts would later be turned into pizzas.

Did you know that a pizza dough doesn’t have to be tossed in the air to become a perfect pizza circle? It can also be mashed flat with a machine, one which Cici’s has on hand. Once the dough is flattened and put onto a pan, the students learned that the pizza is “docked” or in other words, holes are poked all over it. From there, the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni (or other toppings) are placed onto the pizza in very specific amounts and then the pizza is placed in the oven.

Once J.L. Lomax scholars witnessed all of these steps, they were given the opportunity to make their own pizza. Each student was given a dough ball in a pan, which they flattened, and then covered with their own cheese and toppings. The personalized pizzas were then cooked in Cici’s oven, and delivered back to the miniature chefs. Students enjoyed their pizzas and also munched on cinnamon rolls and pizza from the buffet.

After such a wonderful trip, the scholars returned to school and developed a flow map with their teachers, explaining the pizza making process. Once that was completed, each student developed a procedural writing piece, explaining how to make pizza, all in their own words. Perhaps they should put together a cookbook!