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It is important to note that it is not always possible for us to complete your forms or requests at the moment you arrive at our office. It would be helpful to call and make an appointment or drop off your form/request and pick it up at a later time.

Employment Verifications

We are very cautious about any private information released on our employees.  Employment verifications are only accepted in written form on the requestor’s official letterhead or fax.  Also, we do not verify any financial information of an employee unless the request includes a signed release from the employee.

Earnings History and Previous Years W2

Payroll cannot exactly duplicate a pay stub as you originally received it.  However, we can provide you with an earnings history record covering the same time period and provided the same information.

We can also provide you with previous year’s copies of W2 forms.

Is Your Payroll Information Current and Correct?

Is your name and address on your pay check or pay stub correct?  If it isn’t, please complete the Information Change Form and submit it to Payroll.

Also, did you recently get married, divorced, have new family additions?  If you currently participate in certain employee benefits that required you to list beneficiaries and you recently had a lifestyle change, please contact Payroll about updating your beneficiaries. 

Mailing Pay Checks / Pay Stubs


If the pay date occurs within a session break, such as spring or summer break, the pay checks and pay stubs will then be mailed to the address on record.  We cannot give out pay checks earlier than the pay date and individual requests to pick up pay checks from our office are difficult for us to honor.


If you have problems with receiving your mail or would like an alternative to us mailing your pay check, consider using Direct Deposit.  Funds will be electronically deposited into your financial institution’s account and a pay stub will be mailed to your address on record.The selections below reflect additional departments within Valdosta City Schools Finance Department. 

Eboni Bradfield
Payroll - Middle & High School Faculty
1204 Williams Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
p (229) 671-6050 or
Ext. 1050
f (229) 247-7757
Heather Griffin
Payroll - Elementary School Faculty
1204 Williams Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
p (229) 671-6046 or
Ext. 1046
f (229) 247-7757