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VCS Employee Portal

VCS Employee Portal

Valdosta City Schools is proud to announce the New Employee Portal is now available. 


The VCS Employee Portal is a web-site for employees to review certain employee data.  You will be able to review:

  • Address information
  • Attendance information
  • Paycheck information
  • Current deductions & benefits
  • Tax filing status & exemptions (from your W-4)
  • Certifications
  • Check simulation
  • Download tax forms, address change form, and direct deposit form

Access to Valdosta City School Portal


The VCS Employee Portal is available through a secure website. 

Your User ID is the same as your employee number.  (This is the same as your Infinite Campus username minus the letter.)  Your PIN is initially set as the last 4 digits of your social security number.  Change the PIN after you login the first time.

Portal Menu

The portal menu displays on the left of the screen as shown below:

Reset Your PIN

Go to Preferences after your initial login to change your PIN.



Under the forms menu you will find forms to change your direct deposit, change your current tax withholdings, and change your name and address information.  You must print these forms and submit to payroll for any changes to occur.   

*Remember changes to your direct deposit will go into effect 2 pay cycles after the change.  You will receive a paper check the first payroll after any change.



Attendance displays your posted leave records.  Calendar dates are shaded to show leave postings on that date. 

Place the cursor over a highlighted date to display the type of leave and percent of day used.  Prior years can be viewed by selecting a different year using the drop down menu. 


Our leave is only available on this portal through the 2009-10 school year.  Leave is only updated once per month for monthly employees.  The information bar at the bottom of the page will tell you the last time leave was updated. 


Previous Check Detail

Previous check detail displays a list of all of your paychecks by calendar year.  You can view information from a particular payroll by clicking on the underlined document number. 

Click on the check number (Doc. No.) to display the detailed information from your check stub or direct deposit advice.  This can be used in the place of a check stub in most circumstances.

Deductions & Benefits

Use the deductions and benefits screen to view employer paid benefits and employee paid voluntary deductions that are active on your record.  This screen shows whether a deduction is taken on a pre-tax basis. 


Use this screen to view certifications.


Use this screen to estimate your net check after making tax, insurance, or other financial changes.  When you first click the link, you will see the checks in the current year.  Click on the check number and the below screen will appear.   You can see what your check would equal if you made changes to taxes, insurance, etc.  Once you make the changes, click calculate. 

*Note this screen is used solely for estimations, any changes to your actual check must be done through the payroll department.  If you see "99" in the number of exemptions area, you have indicated "exempt" on your W4 or G4. 

W-4 Tax and Direct Deposit

This tab shows the information from your latest W-4 (federal tax form), G-4 (Georgia tax form) and direct deposit record.  To change this information, go to the FORMS link.  Open the correct form and print it.  Send the completed form to the payroll department.

Name and Address

Your name, email, home address and phone number is shown here.  To change, go to the FORMS link and download the Employee Change Form.  Please submit the completed form to the payroll department.

* You can also find your hire date on this screen.


W-2 Forms

In a later update, W-2 forms will be available to view.



Be sure to LOGOUT when you are finished.