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Employee Sick Leave Bank

Employee Sick Leave Bank

Full-time employees who earn Sick Leave have the option to enroll or waive participation in our Sick Leave Bank program.  Employees must be employed for 120 consecutive work days to be able to utilize the Sick Leave Bank.  Our Sick Leave Bank is described in our Board Policy, Descriptor Codes GBRIB(1) and GCRGB(1) as such:

The Valdosta Board of Education authorizes the creation and operation of a Sick Leave Bank for all contributing employees to utilize after thirty (30) days of sick leave, vacation days, and/or absent without pay have been used by an employee.  The sick Leave Bank shall be activated provided there is a minimum participation of one hundred and fifty (150) employees.

Employees who elect to participate shall contribute one (1) day from their accumulated sick leave account to the Sick Leave Bank.  Members will be assessed additional days of sick leave at such time as the bank is depleted.  Employees may withdraw sick leave days only within guidelines established by the Sick Leave Bank Committee.

The guidelines of the Sick Leave Bank will be reviewed and approved annually by the Valdosta City Board of Education.

Please contact Susan Wooten for information about the Employee Sick Leave Bank at (229) 671-6042.