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VCS Personnel Plan

VCS Personnel Plan

Valdosta City Schools (VCS) was operating under the requirements of a Consent Order ordered by the federal court and monitored by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), which required the system to take certain steps to desegregate its faculty and staff. VCS reached unitary status in July 2014; however, we will continue to maintain a personnel plan that will require VCS to take affirmative measures to recruit, hire, and retain qualified African American faculty members.


VCS will ensure the percentage of African American faculty at every school is within 20 percentage points of the district-wide average. The district-wide average will be calculated based on the total faculty population for all schools in the System.


This personnel plan outlines the Board’s policies and procedures for faculty recruitment, hiring, and assignment, which are designed to accomplish the goals stated above. The following constitutes the recruitment plan developed under the previous Consent Order.