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School Bus Rules

School Bus Rules

Students must live more than one and one half (1 ½) miles from their assigned school to be eligible for transportation.


Parents, teachers, and students must also take an active role in school bus safety. The actions of children that affect their safety and the safety of others at the bus stop and on the bus are of great concern to everyone.


Parents should have students at the bus stop on time with about ten minutes to spare and never late; haste increases the chance of accidents.  Remind your child that while on the way to the bus stop, they should walk on the sidewalk or the shoulder of the road, not in the middle of the street.  Remind students to wait in a safe place, well off the street, until the bus stops.


Periodically remind children of the importance of mannerly and orderly behavior at the bus stop.


Students need to always obey bus rules that are on his/her bus, review bus safety rules with your children and stress the necessity of observing them.


Periodically check on the children at the bus stop, and meet them on their return to the bus stop. Remind children not to move toward the bus until the bus and all other traffic has come to a complete stop.  Students should stop and look before crossing the street when boarding or departing the bus.


Students are to wait at the bus stop in an orderly manner.


Students will be permitted to carry on books and other items related to school work as long as they can be held in the student's lap.


Sports equipment, animals, glass jars, weapons and other objects that might distract the driver or jeopardize students safety will not be transported.


Students may transport certain band instruments on the bus; however, they must be able to be held in the student's lap.


Students should take a seat quickly and remain in the seat facing the front with their feet and legs out of the aisle.


Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited. The ignition if matches, lighters, etc., is prohibited.


Fighting or physical play is prohibited.


Food and/or drinks are not allowed on the bus.


Students should remain quiet so there are no distractions to the driver.  Electronic devices such as cell phones, radios, CD players, iPods or any other musical devices are prohibited from school property including school buses.


Students must remain absolutely quiet at all railroad crossings.


Bus drivers can assign seats to students as needed on their bus.


School bus drivers in our system are required to complete an extensive training program before they transport students. They have to attend regularly scheduled safety meetings and participate in all in-service activities designed to help improve their professional skills.