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School Uniforms (K - 5th Grades)

The mission of Valdosta City Schools is quality teaching and learning, resulting in superior performance for all.  Students in our district are expected to dress in a manner that is supportive of a positive learning environment that is free of distractions and disruptions. There is a direct correlation between student dress and behavior.  Students who come to school dressed appropriately behave appropriately.  Our kindergarten through fifth grade students will be expected to observe the uniform dress policy that supports our vision to pursue infinite possibilities for their future.    

K- 5 Mandatory Uniform Dress Policy Guidelines 

J.L. Lomax, Pinevale, Sallas Mahone, S.L. Mason and W.G. Nunn Elementary Schools will implement the K-5 Mandatory Uniform Dress policy. Valdosta City Schools requires students to wear solid white, gray, yellow or black collared shirts and khaki or black bottoms.  Jeans/denim will not be allowed.  Shorts, skirts/skorts, dresses/rompers are allowed, but all uniforms shall adhere to current dress code standards as it relates to length, condition, etc.  Students will be allowed to have special dress down days or spirit days.  These special occasions will be declared by the school’s administration.  On these days, all students will be required to adhere to current dress code standards. 


Girls Uniforms

  • Solid white, gray, yellow or black tops with sleeves and a collar, tucked in at the waist (not bloused).
  • Khaki or black pants, skirts/skorts, Bermuda shorts, culottes, dresses/rompers. No denim or jeans. (Belts are optional)
Boys Uniform
  • Solid white, gray, yellow or black tops with sleeves and a collar, tucked in at the waist
  • Khaki or black pants or shorts. No denim or jeans. (Belts are optional)       
Logos that are manufactured on apparel are permitted.  Example: SMALL Polo horse, Nike check, Under Armor, Izod, etc.  The oversized Polo logos are not permitted. Valdosta City Schools' marks/brands embroidered or heat sealed to garments will be permitted. All other monograms are not permitted.  

Consequence Provisions:

  • No student shall be considered non-compliant with this policy in the following instances:
  • When non-compliance derives from financial hardship.
  • When a student wears the uniform of nationally recognized youth organization, such as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, on regular meeting days.
  • When the school’s administration authorizes a special dress day or if a student wears a school spirit shirt on a special dress day.


Appropriate Consequences for Non-Compliance:

  • If a student is not following the Uniform Dress Policy, the classroom teacher or designee will contact the parent to ascertain the reason for the non-compliance. If the classroom teacher determines that the issue is one that warrants the involvement of an administrator, then that teacher may refer the concern to the school’s administration.


First offense: The principal or designee will review the policy with the parent to make sure that they clearly understand the policy expectations and give the parent the option of bringing the student the appropriate uniform attire.

Second offense: The principal or designee will notify the parent to bring the student appropriate uniform attire.

Third offense: The principal or designee will inform the parent that the student will be assigned to ISS until appropriate uniform attire is brought to the school. 

Please note, further offenses of non-compliance will result in the Progressive Discipline plan being followed, resulting in either more days of ISS or out of school suspension.

Approved Uniform Components

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Where to Purchase:
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