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VCS Teachers of the Year

VCS Teachers of the Year 2019-2020Dr. Todd Cason, Superintendent with the 2019-2020 Valdosta City Schools' Teachers of the Year, Mrs. Melvina Murray from S.L. Mason Elementary School
and Mrs. Natasha Berry from Sallas Mahone Elementary School with Col. Benjamin D. Conde
2019 - 2020 Valdosta City Schools' Teachers of the Year

It is our pleasure to honor our 2019-2020 Teachers of the Year. Please join us in celebrating each of these fantastic educators.


"When you think you can't, YOU WON'T; but when you think you can, YOU WILL," said Alicia Clemons of Valdosta Middle School. 


"As educators, we are not only tasked with teaching the required standards but also imparting life lessons to our students," said Ebonye Bennett of Valdosta High School. 


"Education to me is more than the concepts and materials learned in core academic classrooms. It is also structure, discipline, and relationships," said Jamaal Hunter of J.L. Newbern Middle School. 


"We are the light; we provide our light through our constant instruction to our students," said Jasmine Slappey of Pinevale Elementary School. 

A colleague stated that Ms. McBurrough is always looking for ways her students can excel and is flexible when it comes to her teaching. Jawanna McBurrough, J.L. Lomax Elementary School


"It is my mission to serve each class beyond what is necessary by intentionally building trust and relationships with my students," said Jennifer Sparks of Valdosta Early College Academy.


A fellow kindergarten teacher said that Mrs. Hudson is always sharing her wealth of knowledge and gives more than her share in fulfilling responsibilities. Karen Hudson of W.G. Nunn Elementary School


“My goal is to be a reminder that ‘Your present situation is not your final destination,’” said Melvina Murray of S.L. Mason Elementary School. 

"It is imperative that we ensure as a teacher not only to educate our students with the knowledge they need but also to sharpen the interpersonal skills they will need to become a productive citizen in the world around them," said Natasha Berry of Sallas Mahone Elementary School. 


"The students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, so let’s give them every opportunity to succeed," said Timothy Meyer of Horizon Academy. 


A fellow colleague stated that Mr. Salcedo is a very driven teacher who develops inspiring relationships with his students, and finds the good in things when others are focused on the opposite. Tony Salcedo of Horne Learning Center