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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Can you see it? Is it big? Does it fly? Is it contagious?.......the answer to all these questions is YES! This amazing thing is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is rapidly infiltrating our district and its components can currently be seen in all Valdosta City Schools as administrators, teachers, and staff members model, support, and, encourage positive behaviors in students. PBIS is an idyllic concept for unmasking the greatness in each individual who passes through VCS’ doors because it’s a framework for improving school climate and culture.

One of the most exhilarating things about PBIS is the fact that five out of 10 of our schools are being formally trained and supported by the Georgia Department of Education’s PBIS Division, and now, our faculty, students, parents, and community as a whole can get prepared to unlock and imagine the possibilities of the great aspects PBIS has to offer. Those included in Cohort 1 state training include Horne Learning Center, J.L. Newbern, Pinevale, S.L. Mason, and W.G. Nunn. The administrators and their staff are elated about viewing and revisiting PBIS from a different perspective as these schools already employ effective elements of the PBIS framework. These schools will work with faculty, staff, students, businesses and community members to ensure the 10 elements of PBIS are in place and readily embraced. The 10 required elements include recruiting a PBIS Team, creating expectations and rules, conducting data analysis and problem solving, teaching behaviors to students, developing an acknowledgement system, ensuring a discipline system is in place,  securing faculty commitment, proceeding with PBIS implementation, including the classroom, and measuring PBIS effectiveness via evaluation systems.

As evident, PBIS is a big undertaking, but Superintendent Dr. Todd Cason and the PBIS District Leadership Team envision PBIS as one of the critical platforms that will help VCS embrace its “Tradition of Excellence.” The feeling and status of excellence is indeed contagious, and we want each one of you to capture all of the greatness that will disperse into our schools and communities as we ban together to create an environment where teachers want to teach, students want to learn, and families want to live. The other remaining 5 schools will soon come onboard for state PBIS training, but please be mindful that elements of PBIS framework currently reside at J.L. Lomax, Sallas Mahone, Valdosta Middle, VECA and Valdosta High. Can’t you see….it’s everywhere in VCS. Spread the word!!