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Summer Learning Opportunities

All students should continue to read throughout their summer break.  Reading will help students retain skills and knowledge from the school year.  Those who take a complete vacation from school and reading do run the risk of falling behind their peers.  

Don't forget to practice a little math, too!  We also have DreamBox Learning Math to help stop the summer slide!
We are pleased to offer suggestions for opportunities to help your student stay on track!
Brain Hive
Brain Hive - Instructions for Logging In:
  1. To access Brain Hive first navigate to your school’s web page from
  2. Depending on your school, the Brain Hive page link will be located in different places on the school’s main page.
    1. For J.L. Lomax go to Resources> Brain Hive
    2. For Pinevale go to Academics> Brain Hive for Students
    3. For Sallas Mahone scroll down the page to Links > Brain Hive (student)
    4. For S.L. Mason go to Brain Hive> Brain Hive for Students
    5. For W.G Nunn go to Teacher Links> Brain Hive (student)

  3. Next, type in your student’s username. It will be their lunch number (5 digits). Example: 12345
  4. Next, type in your student’s password. It will be their lunch number plus the word cat. Example: 12345cat
  5. Click the yellow Login button and you will navigate to your child’s personal Brain Hive account.
  6. To view all books available, select the orange book room icon (see below).
    Book Room Logo
  7. Then, select both blue icons labeled “all” (see below) and click go.
    ALL Logo
  8. You may also use the search bar to find specific books on topics/titles of interest.

Important to keep in mind:

  • Brain Hive was designed to make it easier for students, teachers, and parents to work together to promote literacy and content retention.
  • You now have access to every single book on the platform. With a variety in levels of texts, you can find books that are appropriate based on your child’s interests and reading level.
  • We encourage you to practice logging in with your child at home to make sure he/she is comfortable with accessing the platform. We hope you’ll read together!
Get Georgia Reading
Get Georgia Reading - Instructions for Logging In:
  1. Visit the following website:
  2. Use the following information to login:
    1. School Name: Get Georgia Reading
    2. Username:  VALDOSTACITY
    3. Password:  read
  3. Click the Sign In button.
  4. Select a book and start reading!

For additional information concerning this digital resource, feel free to contact Dr. Jessica B. Graves, K-12 English Language Arts Curriculum Director for Valdosta City Schools, at 

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