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Advanced Programs

Valdosta City Schools is proud to offer Advanced Programs that serve the learning needs of students who are academically gifted or highly capable learners by providing a range of educational opportunities that promote academic excellence.  We are committed to recognizing and nurturing the talents of our students by providing academic programs that will enable students to realize their fullest potential and become contributing citizens of the world. 

For additional information, please contact our district staff or your local school about available advanced program options.

J.L. Lomax Elementary School (229) 333-8520
Sallas Mahone Elementary School (229) 333-8530
S.L. Mason Elementary School (229) 333-8525
W.G. Nunn Elementary School (229) 333-8575
Pinevale Elementary School (229) 333-8535
J.L. Newbern Middle School (229) 333-8566
Valdosta Middle School (229) 333-8555
Valdosta High School (229) 333-8540

Middle School Content

Advanced Content Course Options for 2017-2018

Valdosta City Schools provides Advanced Content course options for middle school students in English and mathematics for all grades 6-8 and in social studies for grade 8. For the 2017-2018 school year, high school credit courses in Algebra I, Physical Science, Spanish, French, and Health/PE will be offered in Valdosta City Schools. All courses are aligned to Georgia State Standards and with national programming standards for gifted and talented education. These courses are open to all students who seek academic rigor and have demonstrated high achievement, interest, and/or potential in one or both core academic areas.

The goal of an Advanced Content course is to provide extensions to the regular Program of Study that add depth and complexity. Resources, units, and lessons are designed to nurture and develop advanced academic potential in all learners. The Advanced Content courses encourage students to think conceptually; to make connections across time, place and subject; to perform as a practitioner or scholar in a discipline; and to self-assess and reflect on their learning and the learning process.

The registration period for FY18 Middle School Advanced Content courses will run from March 6, 2017 to March 22, 2017.  For additional information regarding Advanced Content options, please join us for one of our informational sessions below:

Information Sessions for Parents & Families Interested in Middle School Advanced Content Course Options

Both sessions will be held in the Teaching & Learning Training Center (TLTC) which is on the Valdosta Early College Academy campus (1605 Azalea Drive).  Please contact Jennifer Thornton for more information.

Date Time
3/13/17 (evening session) 6:30 - 7:30
3/16/17 (midday session) 12:00 - 1:00


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between an Advanced Content course and a standard course?

Advanced Content courses extend the Program of Study through additional learning experiences that offer greater levels of depth and complexity. Instruction is designed to develop critical and creative thinking skills as well as engage and challenge advanced learners through problem-based learning, concept based instruction, research, and investigations.

2. What are the benefits of taking an Advanced Content course?

Advanced Content courses offer students the opportunity to build on individual academic strengths, develop critical and creative thinking skills, and prepare students for advanced coursework in high school, e.g., honors, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and/or dual enrollment.

3. How will I know if my child is ready for an Advanced Content course?

Students who have demonstrated high achievement, interest, and/or potential in one or more academic area(s) may be ready to take Advanced Content courses. Please do not hesitate to have a conversation with the school counselor, classroom teacher, or administrator at your child’s school if you have additional needs. Teaching & Learning staff at the district office are also valuable resources who are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

4. How many Advanced Content courses should my child take?

There are many factors parents/families and students may want to consider when deciding how many Advanced Content courses to take. This may include the student’s strengths, interests, additional responsibilities, and/or extracurricular activities.

5. How much homework is involved in middle school Advanced Content?

The amount of homework will vary depending on the instructional decisions made by the individual teacher and the learning style of the student. Students should expect to spend more time reading and writing inside and outside of class for their studies and assignments (ex: novels, research documents, research articles, essays, etc.)

6. If my child does not enroll in Advanced Content classes in their first year of middle school, will they be able to enroll the following year?

Yes. Enrollment in Advanced Content courses takes place in the spring during the course selection process. Each year, parents/families may help their student select one or more Advanced Content courses.

7. If my child is already being served as a gifted student, do I need to register for advanced content courses?

Yes. Gifted students are not automatically enrolled in advanced content courses. Parents and teachers should recommend advanced content course options based on the student's strengths, interests, additional responsibilities, and/or extracurricular activities.

Ms. Jennifer M. Thornton

Director of Professional Development & Advanced Programs

1204 Williams Street

Valdosta, GA 31602

p (229) 671-6024

f (229) 241-2746

Dr. Alex Alvarez
Director of STEM & Science Curriculum
1204 Williams Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
p (229) 671-6023
f (229) 241-2746
Dr. David Cole
Director of Assessment & K-12 Social Studies and Foreign Language Curriculum
1204 Williams Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
p (229) 671-6064
f (229) 241-2746
Dr. Jessica B. Graves
Director of K-12 English Language Arts Curriculum
1204 Williams Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
p (229) 671-6062
f (229) 241-2746
Mrs. LaTonya Mitchell
Director of K-12 Mathematics Curriculum
1204 Williams Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
p (229) 671-6025
f (229) 241-2746