Valdosta City School District

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Connecting to VCS WiFi

As many of you are aware, the installation of the Valdosta City Schools’ system-wide WiFi was completed in 2013. In order to prepare for anticipated use of technology in a BYOD environment, we have set the WiFi up with a public access feature for teacher owned devices. The public access WiFi should only be used for educational purposes appropriate to the school environment. A good example of proper use would be a teacher using a personal iPad to show students apps to help them with their math. An example of improper use is a teacher accessing the school’s WiFi with their iPhone to keep from using their own data plan to conduct personal business or stream music. Remember, we are all sharing the same network access so anything you do on the network will be using bandwidth just like it would if you were using your desktop.

Our WiFi has several layers of security and you are required to follow the instructions below to establish your WiFi access credentials.