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Technology Department

We believe that our department’s success goes beyond having the equipment and infrastructure in place for our students and teachers. To truly support our users we have placed customer service as our highest priority.  With a mantra of “Smile and Say Yes” we are committed to provide whatever our teachers and students need to be successful.


The mission of the Valdosta City Schools Technology Department is to ensure that all students, teachers, and administrators will have access to 21st Century technology in addition to training and support for a seamless integration into their daily activities. Valdosta City Schools believes that the purpose of technology is to enhance learning and to prepare students for the 21st Century world of work. As a result of ongoing support for instructional uses of technology


System Vision Statements for Technology:


Goal 1: Utilize technology resources to enhance classroom instruction and improve student achievement.

  • Encourage students’ critical thinking skills
  • Implement innovative teaching strategies
  • Students will integrate interactive technology into their day to day activities.
  • Increase students’ understanding of subjects taught
  • Allow all students to participate meaningfully in the curriculum
  • Overcome barriers of accessibility
  • Use 21st century interactive technology embedded in daily lessons.
  • Learn to analyze and synthesize critically in order to evaluate resources.
  • Improve communication skills through technology enabling students to communicate through writing, research, presentation, and publishing.

Goal 2:  Provide Support for Administrative Uses of Technology

  • Increase administrative uses of technology.
  • Establish an  ongoing  process  of  assessing  the  use  of  technology  by  all stakeholders that will result in improved instructional planning.
  • Provide instructional documents, assessment data, and professional learning for administrators and instructional personnel.

 Goal 3:  Provide parents, the community, and other stakeholders with technology resources and support.

  • Establish and maintain electronic communications solutions among parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Establish and maintain ongoing student progress reports that are available to parents on the internet.

 Goal 4: Provide competent and timely support and a robust, stable, and secure network. 

  • Utilize technology to support the professional growth of all staff which will result in maximum learning for all students.
  • Provide appropriate hardware and hardware maintenance to enable staff and students to meet instructional and administrative goals.
  • Continue to evaluate and provide appropriate technology protection measures and internet safety policies as well as internet safety curriculum that provides for educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyber bullying awareness and response with respect to use of computers with internet access by minors as outlined in the Valdosta City Schools Internet Safety Policy for Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).



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System-wide Technology Replacement/Additions Update

Over the last several years we have evaluated the computers and other technology in our schools and implemented an aggressive replacement plan since the FY2013 academic year. During this time we have replaced our desktops that were considered to be out of date and increased our system devices such as Chromebooks by additional 8000 plus. Included in this initiative are also projectors and printers that have reached end of life status and must be removed in order to continue using some needed classroom resources.


Google Chromebook Leadership Team

We have focused our efforts on Chromebooks with a vigorous effort to become a Google district.  During the FY2020 academic year, a Google Chromebook Leadership Team was established with representatives from each school to further our learning and understanding of Chromebooks and their use in the classroom.  Each member (50) was given a Chromebook to utilize and discover the uses and limitations.  With a goal of meeting quarterly, discussions center on progress and successful uses in the district.


Google Summit

Over the past several years, Valdosta City Schools has hosted a Google Summit during the summer break.  Each year, nearly 125 educators gather to share and absorb knowledge to further the implementation of the Google G-Suite in the classroom.  The planning committee continues to work with school leadership to tailor the sessions offered to meet the needs of the staff.


Connections for Classrooms Grant

Valdosta City Schools has once again been awarded the Connections for Classrooms Grant for multiple projects that have improved the infrastructure and increased bandwidth available to classrooms. Connections for Classrooms is a grant program joining multiple state agencies around the common goal of ensuring Georgia schools and classrooms have the high-speed broadband access required for digital and blended learning. The program is part of a broader statewide effort to expand classroom high-speed broadband access in response to Governor's Digital Learning Task Force recommendations as well as the GaDOE’s efforts to enable personalized learning for Georgia students.


Exemplary School Award to Valdosta City Schools 


Technology Dept accepts award for VCS

Enterasys Networks

Exemplary School Award to Valdosta City Schools


The Valdosta City Schools Technology Department is proud to have accepted the Enterasys Networks Exemplary School Award for the district. This award was presented in recognition of the planning and implementation of a system-wide Wifi network, a project that has spanned the last three to four years, in preparing VCS for BYOD initiatives.  




"In the not too distant past, if you looked at public education, you would have probably seen some technology deployed to some classrooms.  However, in today's interconnected global economy, having the right technology deployed to all classrooms is required to adequately prepare your students as they graduate and head off to college, the military, or the workplace.


Fortunately, Valdosta City Schools recognizes this, and has implemented a network infrastructure that has created 21st century connected classroom providing your teachers an environment that engages students, and more importantly, inspires them to want to learn through the use of technology.


Each quarter, districts all across North America are nominated for the Enterasys Networks exemplary school award.  However, after reviewing the nominees and seeing the outstanding job that the Technology Department has done to create and support such a learning environment, it was an easy decision to select Valdosta

City Schools as the recipient.” - Bryan Hudgens, K12 Specialist, Enterasys Networks | A Siemens Enterprise Communications Company