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The Valdosta City Schools Foundation, Inc.

The Valdosta City Schools Foundation was founded in 1999 with an initial donation from the Coca-Cola company. Over the past nineteen years, the foundation has accepted over $500,000 operating with a small group of volunteer board members.

A Prospectus

The Valdosta City Schools Education Foundation is an independent, community based, non-profit organization dedicated to state-of-the-art education for all children and young people of Valdosta City Schools- Valdosta, Georgia.

A Vision of Uncompromising Excellence

Our vision for public education in Valdosta City Schools is one of uncompromising excellence for all children – the best public education in America; where children learn and can do those things that will enable them to be successful in college and the work place; where schools are well disciplined, safe and inviting places to learn; where education is an esteemed profession and Valdosta City Schools is the most desirable place to practice that profession in America; where the community strongly supports public education and expects, and will not accept less than, the best for all of its children.

The Mission

The Valdosta City Schools Foundation focus, is to further the tradition of excellence in areas not funded in the regular school program.


  • The quality of public education in Valdosta City Schools must support and be consistent with a high quality of living for all citizens.
  • The children and youth of Valdosta City Schools deserve the best public education in America.
  • There is no more important public function in Valdosta City Schools than public education.
  • Every member of the community is positively impacted by an effective system of public education.
  • Improving the educational environment for the children of Valdosta City Schools is too big a task for the school district to undertake alone.
  • It is the responsibility of every member of the community to ensure a system of effective public education for every child.  Public schools are the public’s schools
  • Effective and courageous leadership in the community is required for building the best system of public education in America.

The Need

Public schools are a reflection of the community in which they are located. While Valdosta City Schools has exhibited excellence in many areas, issues and opportunities for improvement exist.  The changing demographics of the community, and especially in our schools, present one of the most challenging opportunities.

  • Recognition, support and replication of innovative and cutting-edge programs in our schools and the classrooms not accessible through customary funding.
  • Promotion, development and support of resourceful parent/guardian programs; such as positive parenting, effective communication and emerging literacy and language groups.
  • Assistance in attracting and maintaining exemplary teachers and leaders through recognition of excellence.


  • To sustain and generate support for the reach for excellence in Valdosta City Schools’ schools
  • To insist on high-quality educational results for all children
  • To require, support, and work for the best system of public education America
  • To connect and reconnect alumni to Valdosta City Schools


The Valdosta City Schools Education Foundation will achieve its mission by providing:

  • Securing public and private support for the innovative programs in Valdosta City Schools’ schools
  • Developing and supporting programs that strengthen our schools and community
  • Recognizing and encouraging excellence in the teachers and leaders of our school system

Impact and Outcomes

  • The Valdosta City Schools Education Foundation will secure resources to complement educational initiatives and will serve as a broker in matching resources to needs
  • The Valdosta City Schools Education Foundation will develop and encourage effective parent/guardian programs in our community by working with other community entities and resources
  • The Valdosta City Schools Education Foundation will focus on achieving uncompromising excellence in our schools by recognizing and rewarding progressive and effective teaching and leadership

2020-2021 Board of Trustees

Stefani Carroll, Chair

Mattia Goddard, Vice Chair

Janna Luke, Secretary

Nate Balanis, Treasurer

Jennifer Steedley, Executive Director

Dr. Todd Cason, Superintendent, Ex-Officio

Dr. Alex Alvarez

Ashley Daniel

Matt Dorsey

Frank McTier

R. Clay Moseley

Jynada Sermons

Chryse Thomas

Jennifer Steedley
VCS Foundation Director
P.O. Box 5407
Valdosta, GA 31603-5407
p (229) 671-6065
[email protected]