Valdosta City Schools Seeking Full-Time and Substitute Bus Drivers

Valdosta City Schools has an immediate need for full-time and substitute bus drivers.  

The annual base salary for full-time drivers starts at $12,000 with an additional local supplement based on years of experience.  Drivers with up to 5 years of experience will receive an additional $2,200, 6 - 12 years of experience will receive an additional $2,500 and anyone with 13 or more years will receive an additional $3,000 per year. All full-time drivers work 5 hours a day, 25 hours a week and are salaried employees who have the option to enroll in the VCS benefits program offering health, dental and eye insurance as well as retirement benefits. 

Substitute drivers earn $60 a day, but still must meet all commercial driver's license (CDL) requirements. Drivers will have the opportunity to earn additional pay by driving routes for extracurricular activities, field trips, and athletics.  

Training for anyone interested in obtaining their CDL is offered onsite and with no out-of-pocket expenses. The training begins with classroom education including a written exam which will give the trainee their CDL permit upon satisfactory completion, followed by under-the-hood training, 6 hours of driving without students, and 6 hours of driving with students.  After these have all been completed the trainee will then undergo a road test.  After successful completion of the road test, the official CDL license will be issued.  Most candidates can complete the entire process in four weeks.

Those who complete the training and obtain their CDL will immediately be recommended for employment with Valdosta City Schools. For more information contact Mr. Rick Thomas, transportation director at (229) 245-5640.