Mr. Dane pointing at screen during presentation

Last month, the Aspiring Principal Academy had a great workshop with guest presenter, Mr. Dane Heard from RESA. The focus of Mr. Heard’s presentation centered on the critical topics of Budgeting, Finance, and Full-Time Equivalents (FTE).

During his presentation, Mr. Heard meticulously covered the intricacies of budgeting within the educational context, emphasizing the importance of fiscal responsibility and strategic resource allocation. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of budget planning, expenditure control, and revenue management—all essential components for aspiring principals preparing to lead educational institutions. Furthermore, Mr. Heard expertly explained complexities of FTE, focusing on its significance in educational staffing and resource distribution.

Participants praised Mr. Heard's expertise, clarity of explanation, and engaging delivery style. Many expressed a desire for additional sessions to take deeper dives into advanced topics related to educational finance and management. The collaboration between Dr. Richardson’s Leadership Development initiative and Coastal Plain RESA exemplifies a commitment to fostering excellence in educational leadership.